AUTOMATIC SYD is leading manufacturer of Switchboards and Panels in Denmark.

We make all kind of switchboards and panels in the modular systems Cubic and Tabula (the most used / well-known systems in the Danish market), and we also deliver all other types/markes of switchboard systems and panels and implementing the customer preferred mark of components, everything made according to latest norms and standards.

Our solutions include all kinds of switchgear types: Fixed mounting, plug-in, withdrawable / draw-out, – with full design / engineering / test and commissioning etc.

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  • Main switchboards and distribution switchboards
  • Transformer switchboards
  • Metering switchboards
  • Power correction plants
  • Distribution boards/unskilled persons switchboards
  • Distribution boards
  • Assemblies for construction sites
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Control panels/PLC panels
  • IMC / Intelligent Motor Control
  • Explosionsafe assemblies (EEX/Ateks)
  • Ship/off-shore switchboards
  • Pneumatic switchboards
  • Bus trunking systems
  • Transformer switchboards


  • Cubic Modular System and box type assemblies
  • Tabula (Eaton Holec) modular system
  • Other modular systems: According to requirement
  • Boxtype assemblies: All current makes/types
  • ISO-assembled systems: All current makes/types
  • Stainless assembled systems: All current makes

Switchgear Type

  • Fixed mounting
  • Plug-in
  • Withdrawable / draw-out
  • Full type tested assemblies

Power Ranges

  • up to 8.750 A

Forms of internal separations

  • 1 til 4 a/b

Short Circuit Level

  • Icw: up to 115 kA
  • Ipk: up to 253 kA

Degree of protection

  • IP 00 – 67

    Our staff

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    Søren Juul Automatic Syd

    Søren Juul

    Salgschef - eltavler & styringer Mobil: +45 40 17 15 05 | Mail
    Finn C Nissen Automatic Syd

    Finn C. Nissen

    Salg - automationsløsninger Mobil:+45 40 35 85 86 | Mail:
    Hans Christian Petersen Automatic Syd

    Hans Chr. Petersen

    Salg - eltavler og styringer Mobil: +45 20 49 73 82 | Mail:
    Peter Agerbæk Automatic Syd

    Peter Agerbæk

    Salg - eltavler & styringer Mobil: +45 61 20 36 19 | Mail:


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