Staff Policy

Our most important prerequisite is the personnel.

In order to be able to realize our objective and future plans it is absolutely necessary to have a qualified, committed and up-to-date personnel trained to discharge the job in the best possible way.

Our staff policy is focusing on each individual member of the staff. Based on a comprehensive and well-organized HR-policy it is our objective that the personnel is feeling comfortable and safe in the job.

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Our personnel is a very important prerequisite for the growth of the company. We have created inspiring environments in attractive premises, with a friendly social convention and good collegiate spirit.

We need always efficient, determined and experienced persons contributing to the successful future of our company. 

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One or more of the below educations would be advantageous:

Electrician/industrial electrician
Automatic mechanic/automatic technician
Electrician/high-voltage technician
Engineer (high-voltage/software)
Technical assistant /designer

– and experienced in:

Production of switchboards
Construction of switchboards and projecting
Design of software
Project control
Customer service
Financial controlv Sales and marketing

Medarbejderne er vores vigtigste ressource! Vi har skabt et inspirerende arbejdsmiljø i nye indbydende lokaler, hvor omgangstonen er motiverende og uformel, med et godt kollegaskab.

Vores medarbejdere

Står du mangler sparring til et projekt, har du en udfordring med en nuværende eller en ny applikation eller vil du “blot” bestille varer, så finder du her en liste over kontaktpersoner, som står klar til at hjælpe dig.

Søren Juul Automatic Syd

Søren Juul

Salgschef - eltavler & styringer Mobil: +45 40 17 15 05 | Mail
Finn C Nissen Automatic Syd

Finn C. Nissen

Salg - automationsløsninger Mobil:+45 40 35 85 86 | Mail:
Hans Christian Petersen Automatic Syd

Hans Chr. Petersen

Salg - eltavler og styringer Mobil: +45 20 49 73 82 | Mail:
Peter Agerbæk Automatic Syd

Peter Agerbæk

Salg - eltavler & styringer Mobil: +45 61 20 36 19 | Mail:

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