Who cannot recognize the situation? Many projects going on at the same time and lots of jobs which should already have been managed!

The demands on electricians and contractors are heavily increasing. The projects must be carried through in shorter time, at reduced price and in the best quality. At the same time the market is developing rapidly, and we must all be up-to-date as to the latest techniques/disciplines, norms and conditions in order not to lag behind.

Software og elektronik

It is not without reason that people involved in the electric line of business are often experiencing a harassed workday with insufficient time!

AUTOMATIC SYD is listening to the customers. Often our customers find it extremely time-consuming and too troublesome to specify and invite offers for components and equipment. 

Quick Switchboards – the type of switchboards for the future!

QUICK-Panels are making your workday easier.

Based on many years experience and know-how on rational production of switchboards and a close cooperation with the leading suppliers of switchboard systems and components we have developed the type of switchboards making your workday easier.


Main switchboard and metering switchboard


Distribution boards


Assemblies for construction sites or the similar

But we do not compromise – all switchboards are of a very high quality and are exclusively fitted with well-known western components.

Due to an unique linear organized production method you will profit from our large-scale production. Cost reducing and systematic processes result in cheap production and the fact that we are able to offer you switchboards at competitive prices.

In our company all switchboards are being made by skilled electricians meeting proud Danish craftsmanlike traditions

We always securing the quality and considering the environment according to the ISO standards (9000/14000). Each switchboard is subject to a well-specified 100% control and test, more detailed than the norms prescribe, and delivery includes a test certificate guaranteeing complete function without defects.

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Our staff

If you lack sparring for a project, do you have a challenge with a current or a new application or do you "just" want to order items, you will find here a list of contacts who are ready to help you.

Søren Juul Automatic Syd

Søren Juul

Salgschef - eltavler & styringer Mobil: +45 40 17 15 05 | Mail sjn@automatic-syd.dk
Finn C Nissen Automatic Syd

Finn C. Nissen

Salg - automationsløsninger Mobil:+45 40 35 85 86 | Mail: fcn@automatic-syd.dk
Hans Christian Petersen Automatic Syd

Hans Chr. Petersen

Salg - eltavler og styringer Mobil: +45 20 49 73 82 | Mail: hcp@automatic-syd.dk
Peter Agerbæk Automatic Syd

Peter Agerbæk

Salg - eltavler & styringer Mobil: +45 61 20 36 19 | Mail: pag@automatic-syd.dk


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